Ridgeview Baptist Church • 4234 Gamble Ln • Walland, TN 37886 • 865-379-0233
Our Ministries

Sunday School - At 9:30 every Sunday we gather together to learn truths about the Bible. We have classes for every age group to give age appropriate training and activities.

Nursery – We do have a nursery available for the babies and toddlers which is staffed by the ladies of our church. If a mother chooses to stay with her child she is more than welcome to do so.

Van Ministry – Currently we run two vans for both services on Sunday, with no Wednesday night pick-up. Although our desire is to transport all ages to church, we traditionally pick up anywhere from 10 – 20 young people for Sunday School and church. This has proven to be a great blessing for our church.

Prison Ministry – We currently are conducting six worship services per month in the Morgan County Correctional Facility. We have been fortunate to have seen several professions of faith, and privileged to help several men once they have left the prison system.

Nursing/Retirement Home Ministry – Once per month we hold a Sunday afternoon service in one of the local nursing homes in town. It has proven a blessing for our church as well as provided an outlet for our youth to serve the lord.

Home School Coop Group – We have several homeschool families that meet one day per week during the school year to supplement their home school curriculum. This provides an opportunity for our children to have some quality time with other children, and to provide an opportunity for them to participate in activities they may otherwise miss out on as homeschoolers.

Media Ministry – We have a media ministry that is available to anyone by watching  and listening to our services online  or for those who do not have internet access we offer  the ability to request a dvd or cd.

Weekly Visitation – We have weekly visitation in the summer months. In November thru the end of March we discontinue this work due to the weather, as well as the time change. During this off time we attempt to have a church wide Bible study.

Youth Ministry and Activities – We have a Sunday School, and Sunday School teachers that, are second to none. We intend for each class to have two incentive outings per year, as well as two non- incentive church outings. Each Sunday School class teaches the same lesson to facilitate “at home” discussions. We seek to incorporate Scripture memorization as a part of our classes. Our classes are divided by grade level instead of by age. We have four youth Sundays per year. This is a day of the youth doing the special singing, young preachers doing the preaching, and young people teaching the Sunday School classes. This has proven to be a real blessing to our church.

Note: We do not have a formal “children’s church” during the regular services. It is the opinion of the Pastor that worship is a family affair and that children regardless of age learn to worship by being together with the adults. Further, the Pastor believes the parents need to know what is being preached to their children, as well as how they are behaving in the house of God.